What is life really like for disabled people?


THE International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Ghana, has organised a day’s media forum on how to report on people with Disability.

Over the years, FIDA-Ghana had trained ‘community-based volunteers’ to serve as paralegals in these communities and beyond, who deliver services such as counselling, mediation and legal advice to, especially, people with Disability.
 The Acting Manager of FIDA-Ghana, Ms Sussan Aryeetey, who spoke on human rights and gender, said gender discrimination started from the household where men, women, boys and girls were affected.

She said it was only when people were conscientised to become gender-sensitive that gender-related problems could be solved.

“To effectively promote women’s access to justice, we must focus on men and women’s different roles and circumstances in society, which are shaped by ideological, historical, cultural, religious, economic and political factors”, she said.

She added that an awareness of the gender differences in society was a first step towards addressing and integrating particular concerns of men and women fairly when dispensing justice.

What is life really like for disabled people? The Disability Diaries reveal all
We asked seven people to keep diaries for a month to document the reality of being disabled in Ghana today. FIDA reflects on the issues that arose – public transport, employment, housing, attitudes.

Bismarck Okyere Asante


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