A group called itself Centre for Public Interest and Democratic Peace (CPIDP), has called on the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to sack the Managing Director of Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited(BOST), Mr. George Mensah Okley, and the head of finance, Mr. John Kojo Arkoful, with immediate effect on the illegal payment made by the new Managing Director of BOST to Springfield Energy.

The group indicated that President , Nana Akuffo Addo, had indicated his readiness to fight corruption in the country and indeed the sacking of the former Energy Minister points to that zeal and commitment, which they applauded him so much.

However, they said, his silence on the recent expose’ of the high magnitude of corruption perpetrated by the current managing director and the head of finance of BOST to the tune of GH 14.4 million (equivalent to USD 3 million ) has been creating doubt in the minds of most well-meaning Ghanaians as to whether indeed the president is serious about his assurance to fight corruption in Ghana.

Speaking at a press conference, the Executive Director of CPIDP , Mr. Alex Abaka Jacobs, explained that every well-meaning Ghanaian and civil society organizations built on integrity and national interest should be worried about the current development in the country because if whistleblowers risk to bring such fraudulent and scandalous transaction out and it turned out to be kept under the carpet, eventually they will be discouraged from exposing future corrupt practices.

” In the end it is the nation and the ordinary citizens that suffer the naked consequence of under-development and poverty “.

According to him, it is on record that while the matter was pending in court, Springfield Energy approached BOST to settle it. Pointed out that, during the settlement both parties agreed to 12% interest rate but BOST latter changed its decision and offered 8% upon further consultations.

He indicated that , Springfield did not agree after it had been paid USD 4 million interest. The parties went back to court for the case to continue to its logical conclusion and is still pending in court.

Mr. Abaka Jacobs, further stated that , the illegality on the part of the current Managing Director of BOST is that considering the matter and assuming the back dated starting date for the accrual of interest is accepted by BOST and the 12% interest rate is also accepted by BOST taking into account the allowable industrial losses of 300,000.00, dollars, then by computation Springfield Energy should have refunded 194,425.55 dollars, to BOST being overpayment.

” We have not revised our view that Springfield energy is smartly trying to blow and cold at the same time. We therefore stand by our professional advice given earlier that BOST should not cave in to the blackmail of Springfield to hand them underserved millions of dollars from the public purse”, they said.

The Centre for Public Interest and Democratic Peace (CPIDP ), are therefore pleaded with president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to authorized security agencies such as EOCO, BNI, and CID of Ghana Police Service to retrieve the money from Springfield Energ

Report by Bernard k Dadzi