The Chief executive officer of C.T.O international has quizzed if the Turkish communities living in Ghana are doing much in terms of supporting the people.

Speaking to the Multiple Award winning journalist and owner of Guarantee Inc Media Group, Alhaji Osumanu Guarantee this morning after a short interview, he said from his observations he believes that Turkish citizens in the country can do better than what they are currently doing in terms of development.

In the mist of the President calling for Ghana without aid, he added that many have wondered when such vision would be materialized hence the need to bring all hands on deck in ensuring that Ghana takes it rightful place in Africa and not only as the gateway to Africa but also to make proud the black star of hope and honour.

According to him, business and other economical activities between Ghana and Turkey has increased tremendously and experts in the financial sector have urged government to maintain the good relationship between these two countries.

On the issue of peace and safety in the country Mr. Onur Ozer applauded past and present government’s for making the country stable for the business community.

‘Indeed will be among the fastest developing countries if other nationals provides the necessary support the citizens need’ he noted.

He encourage the Turkish community in the country to invest more and do all they can to assist in developing the country.

Source: Osumanu Guarantee