Nii Kwabotwe warn Rev.Martey and scrupulous presenters to stay off from attacking Gbestoolo


By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina. Over 30years when the indigenes of Teshie crying to get occupants to occupied the black stool.A brightest day was shown to them by a name Gbetsoolo Nii Ashitey Akomfra who occupied the thrown in 2014 which brings joyous occasion for the people of Teshie.
Speaking at the fourth anniversary celebration Nii Kwabotwe V hinted that some people are going on radio station and television saying that Teshie black stool is still vacant for which he described as false without meritorious.
He warn Most Rev Emmanuel Martey to stop spreading falsehood and given bad name to Teshie Manste in person of Gbestoolo Nii Ashitey Akomfra the legitimate chief of the community and its elders.
Nii Kwabotwe warn some journalist who are not high level in education just because by chance they have the opportunity on microphone so they can insult him and his council members.
According to him, the council will match them in their office if that’s who they been taught in journalism.
He made it know when gracing the fourth anniversary ceremony of Gbestoolo as Teshie black stool occupant.
Meanwhile the legitimate Teshie black stool occupant Gbestoolo Nii Ashitey Akomfra III said 30 years ago Teshie was always in the news for very negative reasons: such as the national security black listed Teshie as one of the volatile flash point in Ghana.
He recall that the even America rated Teshie as one of the high security risk areas in Africa in the year 2002.
The Teshie development agenda was in reverse gear as at that time.
According to him, Teshie now has a good image in terms of peaceful and violent free Teshie Homowo Festival 2018 commemoration.
He noted that his achievement as Teshie Mantse such as Akro Excellence awards, Mobile Library project, Teshie Education and Development Trust Fund.
He reiterated to the fact that God has chosen him to work for the common good for all Teshiemei and rebrand the bad image as a haven for peace and sustainable development.
He extended a merry Christmas and happy new year to Ga Dangbei and the people of Teshie.