We the concerned members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), who form membership of the Hasky Zongo for NDC pressure group, are concerned with the rate at which our dear party NDC is losing the Muslims and Zongos voting population to our opponent.
This is a wake up reality to the NDC rank and file. The NDC has in the past enjoyed the darling relationship and support from the Muslims and Zongos voters. It is therefore time to put things in the right order to win back the darling support from the Muslims and Zongos.
The right time has come as the party elects its leaders to lead the party, it is very crucial and necessary that a Muslim who has strong association with the Zongos as well must be elected or appointed among the ‘top four’ (T4) of the party leadership. The T4 of the party leadership positions are; the flagbearer, running mate, Chairman and General Secretary.
It is a known fact that, in order to win the heart of someone, the person must feel he/she is recognized, appreciated, involved and held in high esteem. Therefore, if NDC wants to win back the heart of Muslims and the Zongos drifting towards our opponent, then it must correct its mistake now.
Presently, the party is to elect two of the T4 positions, which are; Chairman and General Secretary positions come November 3rd, 2018. Among the aspirants of these two positions,

we have a devoted Muslim who also has a strong bond with the Zongos in the person of Lawyer Alhaji Hudu Yahaya (Senior Cadre) in the chairmanship race.
The NDC Council of Elders and delegates have been presented with the opportunity to triumph NDC into the 2020 battle ahead us.
We call on all well-meaning NDC lovers and delegates to make sure that, we fulfil the religious balance among the T4 of leadership of NDC for the collective interest of the party of winning election 2020 and beyond.
Our opponent is fast tracking its entry into the Zongos and winning the admiration and support of the Muslims because it has ‘consistently religiously balanced its T4 leadership.
NDC needs Muslims and Muslims need NDC. Therefore let us rekindle the bond by electing/appointing a Muslim among the T4 leaders of the party.
Thank you.


Adams A. Mohammed
Convener, Hasky Zongo For NDC