Jonathan Adjetey Adjei Installed As Legitimate Teshie Mankralo


The Indigenes Of Teshie Will remember Saturday 23rd of September,2018 in good memory from generation to generations.

On the 23rd Of September,2018 they witnessed one of the most interesting moments within the KLU DIN family as two claimants of the mankralo stool smoked the peace pipe with one of the claimants Mr. Ellias Adjetey relinquishing his stands for Mr. Jonathan Adjetey Adjei whom has gone through all the necessary traditional rites and has the stool name NII OKANG DUAMRO NMASHIE III.

The reconciliation and relinquishment was witnessed traditionally by the Krobo Dzasetse Nii Adjetey Otinkorang I, the head of family, EX W.O.1 Henry Nii Sowah Otinkorang and many others

“Mr. Ellias Adjetey in an interview after the reconciliation and relinquishment said i will support him to succeed not only because we are from the same family but he is also my son, as you can see as a father i cannot fight with my son on a position”

“Nii Okang Duamro Nmashie III expressed his gratitude to the krobo Dzasetse Nii Adjetey Otinkorang I and the head family EX W.O.1Henry Nii Sowah Otinkorang and promised to work beyond their expectations”

The two sat together and promised to work together to promote peace within the family

A sheep and a goat were slaughtered traditionally amidst the pouring of libation to end the feud
This further entrenches the support and affirms Jonathan Adjetey Adjei As The Mankralo of Krobo and Teshie at large and also the head of Nuumo Nmashie Family

By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina