GOVERNMENT HAS CLEARED OVER 145 JOBS FOR THE YOUTH says Deputy Minister of Information


The Deputy minister of Information Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, has stated that the financial clearance has been given for over 145,000 jobs as government continues with job creation initiatives.

According to him, the first priority of Government is to revive the Ghanaian economy and return it to a stable footing from the crisis of 2016. To this end, they have been spent the first one and half restoring the macro stability a fact to which now all economic observers attest.

At a press conference today held at Ministry of Information conference room, Mr. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, explained that the government continues with the next step which is to deepen it’s job creation initiatives in the private and public sectors. On the public sector side, he said financial clearance has been given for over 145, 000 jobs as part of these efforts.

The 145,000 jobs as follows, Health workers, 24,033, Education 9500 workers, Police recruits , 4,000, Agriculture extention workers, 2,700 , Security Personnel, 3527, Local government workers , 1,049, Afforestation workers, 20, 000 and NABCO Trainees , 100,000.

“We are creating 100,000 jobs across the private and public sectors and across all 254 districts through National Builders Corps (NABCO )”, he said. To him, the objective of this initiative is to provide employment opportunities to solve the unemployment problem among the graduate cohort, while at the same time delivering on the goal of transforming and bringing efficiency to public sector service provision.

Touching on one district one factory initiatives, the Minister said 50 are to be accredited before the end of this year. This should bring to almost 70 projects as 1D1F enterprises. Adding that 1D1F initiative has seen about 10 financial institutions commit as much as GHC4.43 billion in loanable funds to prospective venture capitalists as follows a budgetary provision of GHC 600 Million was made in the President financial statement to Parliament .

The Minister also made known that over 90,000 beneficiaries have already accepted their postings and they are expecting the 100,000 remaining beneficiaries to complete their acceptance within the next week. The 145,000 persons are expected to be at post before the end of this year”, he said.

On the issue of illegal mining, the Deputy minister of Information Hon Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, noted that government rolled out a road map to lift the ban on small Scale mining or galamsey very soon.

He added that the Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining was constituted with the mandate to enforce the ban and develop a comprehensive Roadmap to guide activities of small scale miners to ensure sustainable mining and protect the environment.

Report by Bernard k Dadzie