Eva Lokko has died



Progressive People’s Party parliamentary aspirant for Klottey Korle constituency Mrs Eva Lokko has died.

An official of the party Richmond Keelson confirmed her passing to ALIVE GHANA NEWS.

Until her death Mrs Lokko was a vociferous female voice in Ghana’s politics having been named a vice presidential candidate of the Progressive People’s Party in the 2012 elections.

With the party in desperate search for a seat in Parliament Mrs Lokko was named the Parliamentary aspirant of the PPP in the Klottey Korle constituency for the 2016 elections

Though not a front runner, Mrs Lokko was billed to give the New Patriotic Party’s Philip Addison and National Democratic Congress’ Zanetor Rawlings a run for their money.

On many platforms, including the Joy Ballot Box program held few months to the election, the tough talking candidate was firm, resolute and eloquent in sharing her vision with her constituents and rallying support for victory in 2016.

She had not always been in front line politics. She was popular for her role at the State Boradcaster, where she became the first woman engineer to be employed.

She rose from the rungs and became the Director General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in 2002, a tenure which was blighted by chaos and some misunderstanding with the union. She resigned but not without legal tussel.

The party and family will soon issue an official statement about her death and plans for her burial.